X2 – “…indulges in too many stories in too little time…”

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X2 (Dir. Bryan Singer/2003)

The whole team are back, and the unknown history of Wolverine remains at the forefront of X2 as he seeks out his history – and who is responsible. Supported by parallel confrontations between Prof X. and an ex-student who has equally-powerful telekinetic powers, a pattern of Father and Son stories (Or Dr. Frankenstein and his monster?) are established – Wolverine and new-baddie Stryker; Bobby and his family; Magneto/Pyro and so forth. To up-the-stakes, the threat this time is a massacre of all mutants. An incredible opening, as newcomer Nightcrawler darts around The White House is terrific, but this scene is not matched during the 2hr+ running-time that follows. Storm and Cyclops returns while Jean-Grey struggles to control her power. All three fail to justify their headlining importance. It builds on the previous story admirably, but becomes tiresome as X2 indulges in too many stories (and backstories) in too little time.

Rating: 6/10

This was originally written in the run-up to X-Men: Days of Future Past in May 2014

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