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What can I say about these comic-book nerds? Established in 2009, Flickering Myth has become one of the most popular sites for film, games and comic fans in the UK. It boasts an ever-improving Alexa ranking (amongst the top 10,000 websites in the USA so far – and beating a number of widely-known sites in their global ranking) with an average of 1.5million visitors per month. Flickering Myth is now a known brand in the UK, and across the world, with podcasts and a thirty-minute YouTube show each month.

I’ve been lucky enough to contribute to the site since 2011, with a broad range of diverse articles from reviews and listicles, through to editorials and weekly Woody Allen pieces. A feature, named ‘Commenting on the Critics’, was a weekly article which, due to the time-specific nature of each article, was exclusively published on Flickering Myth. As a film news site, as many reviews, interviews and listicles are also published on this site as my own personal library, many are exclusive to Flickering Myth.

So, below are links to every article that’s exclusive to their site:

36 Actors Who Could Be The 007th James Bond – August 4th, 2016

Is Paul Feig ‘creative enough’ to direct Ghostbusters? – March 10th, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Press Conference – December 17th, 2015

Memorable Star Wars Moments: The Death of Shmi Skywalker – December 1st, 2015

What’s with all the hate for Ghostbusters II? – August 23rd, 2015

To Live and Die in TV – August 9th, 2015

Interviews: Try a new Form of Questioning – August 5th, 2015

The Next Jurassic World Film – June 14th, 2015

Should Critics Watch Films Twice? – February 15th, 2015

Three Films That Need A Big Kick! – January 16th, 2015

Sherlock Rides Again … and Again – January 4th, 2015

Five Films You Can Sneak In At Christmas – December 20th, 2014

Why Marvel Studios Owes James Bond – December 7th, 2014

Is This The Time For Trailers? – November 30th, 2014

Across The Shared Marvel Universe – November 23rd, 2014

Jurassic Toy World – November 16th, 2014

Get lost in the film, not the word you missed – November 9th, 2014

The Top 8 Supporting Actors in Boardwalk Empire – November 2nd, 2014

The Oculus Rift Interstellar Experience – October 27th, 2014

Time to Celebrate Batman and Robin! – October 13th, 2014

The Perfect Time for Twin Peaks – October 6th, 2014

Why X-Men is the Most Exciting Comic-Book Franchise – 28th September, 2014

Twenty Years On … The Top 10 Friends Episodes – 22nd September, 2014

Boardwalk Empire Fails to Strike Back – 21st September, 2014

Top 5 Tiger’s in Film – 29th July 2014

20 Reasons to watch 20 Feet from Stardom – 20th July 2014

What’s the effect of lowering The Expendables 3 rating to PG-13? – 6th July 2014

London Cinemas need London Pay – 29th June 2014

What’s Fact and Fiction at Fruitvale Station? – 15th June 2014

Why a lack of risk-taking with Ant-Man is bad news for Marvel – 8th June 2014

Britain needs a talkshow host as strong as Jimmy Fallon! – 4th May 2014

Digitising My DVD Library – 27th April 2014

Brosnan Can Be Proud of His 007 – 20th April 2014

Tell Me, What’s the Purpose of Film Critics? – 13th April 2014

Harry Potter and the Neverending Film Series – 30th March 2014

The Forgettable Soundtrack to Marvel’s Movies – 23rd March 2014

A New Golden Age begins at this year’s Oscars? – 2nd March 2014

Holding out for Heroes – 23rd February 2014

House of Card’s Parties and Boardgames of Thrones – 16th February 2014: Commenting on Netflix binge-watching… but how, as a social activity, it can be great!

If the film is remade, it’s not a ‘classic’ – 9th February 2014: Commenting on the term of ‘classic’ when a film, such as Robocop, has been remade – it’s not The Godfather after all…

Tell me the Truth about Woody Allen – 2nd February 2014: Commenting on the recent news and child molestation allegations towards Woody Allen…

The Wolf of Wall Street continues to feast – 19th January 2014: Commenting on Ryan Gilbey, writing for New Statesman tackling the opinionated tweets and comments regarding the morality of The Wolf of Wall Street…

Digital Downloads are too demanding – 12th January 2014: Commenting on Todd Spangler, for Variety, revealing Netflix’s next move into online, streaming services

Critics Must Stand Firm on Standards – 5th January 2014: Commenting on Mark Cousins article in Sight & Sound on the artistry of film criticism

Time Up for Title Credits? – 29th December 2013: A response to a small part of Laremy Legal’s book Film Critic

Can Rogue ever reteam with the X-Men? – 22nd December 2013: Response to Total Film‘s Matt Risley article on Anna Paquin’s apparent ‘cut’ from X-Men: Days of Future Past

Top 5 Paragraph’s on the Alamo 100 – 15th December 2013: Responding to The Dissolve covering the new 100 Alamo Movies list…

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are a bad influence – 8th December 2013: Merrill Barr, writing for Forbes, considers how a Terminator TV series is imitating Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to gain a larger audience…

How Philomena continues to fill the seats at the cinema – 1st December 2013: Charles Gant highlights the importance of Judi Dench’s casting in Philomena

Time to start watching Doctor Who – 24th November 2013: Why even more people should be watching Doctor Who…

James Bond will Return. But will Blofeld? – 17th November 2013: Response to Variety’s Ted Johnson reporting on the end of the legal battle between Kevin McClory and MGM/Danjaq…

Can Gravity pave the way for a new type of cinema? – 10th November 2013: Mark Kermode finally confesses to appreciating the 3D in Gravity…

Why Casting Directors Deserve and Academy Award – 3rd November 2013: Woody Allen’s letter to The Hollywood Reporter regarding the lack of appreciation for Casting Directors in cinema…

A Note to Self – Film Critics Will Adapt – 13th October 2013: A response to Will Selfs outlook on the future of criticism…

A Final Word on Walter White – 6th October 2013: Considering the changes – and finale – in Breaking Bad …

What is Toy Story of Terror? – 29th Sepetember 2013: Discussing the release of Toy Story shorts …

What Plagiarism? – 22nd September 2013: Reflecting on plagiarism within online film-writing…

A Dark Future for the Star Trek Series – 15th September 2013: Frazier Tharpe reveals for Complex Pop Culture J.J. Abrams’ decision to not direct Star Trek 3

Money to be Made from Diana – 8th September 2013: Katy Brand writes for The Telegraph on the power of Princess Diana in 2013

Pixar Plays it Safe with The Good Dinosaur – 1st September 2013: The Dissolve offers their own perspective on the changing of directors on Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

Breaking Bad to watch Game of Thrones – 25th August 2013: Christopher Williams for The Telegraph covers Kevin Spacey’s comments on Netflix…

Ron Weasley hasn’t lost his Mojo – 28th July 2013: Tanya Ghahremani writes for Complex on Rupert Grints new role …

The World may be Ending for Edgar Wright – 21st July 2013: Donald Clarke writes about the wildly different reviews from the Irish and English press…

Connecting the Pixar films together – 14th July 2013: Joe Negroni considers a theory that pulls all the Pixar films into the same universe …

Is 3D ending after only 3 years? – 7th July 2013: Charles Arthur writes for The Guardian on BBC and ESPN cutting down 3D productions…

I’ll Be Back: Not a Series to be Terminated – 30th June 2013: Reflecting on news that Arnie will return in Terminator 5

Amazing Coverage for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – 23rd June 2013: The relentless coverage of casting and adjusting the story of The Amazing Spider-Man trilogy

Blind-Buying $150 Blockbuster Tickets – 16th June 2013: Scott Mendelson (Forbes) discusses $50 “Mega-Tickets” for World War Z

Writing the Wrongs of Rhys Ifans – 9th June 2013: Peter Preston and Roy Greenslade comment on a ‘train-wreck’ Rhys Ifans interview

Are the Bluth Boys Bordering on Genius? – 2nd June 2013: Abram Browne (Forbes) article on the negative criticism for Arrested Development

The Flaws of Fault-Finding Film Criticism – 19th May 2013: David Chen (/Film) article on what “bothers” him about Star Trek into Darkness

Don’t Forget: Star Trek isn’t Star Wars – 12th May 2013: Russ Fischer (/Film) article on Star Wars going ‘back to it’s origins’

Breaking the Bank for a Blockbuster – 5th May 2013: Amy Kaufman (LA Times) article on the rising production-costs of blockbusters/Scott Mendelson (Mendelson’s Memos) on lowering costs

TV is Bad For Your Health – 28th April 2013: Claire O’Connor article on Facebook statuses revealing bad health

To End the Culture of Remakes, Teach Hitchcock – 21st April 2013: Hayley Dixon article on teaching Hitchcock in UK education

Breaking Down Breaking Bad – 14th April 2013: Nellie Andreeva article on a Breaking Bad spin-off

From Five Point Gangs to the Boardwalk Empire – 1st April 2013: Alice Vincent article on a Gangs of New York TV series

My VHS Memories – Jurassic Park (1993) – 24th March 2013: Supporting article for “My VHS memories”season on Flickering Myth

Sex, Sea and Spring Breakers – 24th March 2013: Edward Elmore (The Guardian) interview with Harmony Korine

Bad Move for the Box Office – 17th March 2013: Angie Han (/Film) article writes about Midnight Screenings starting earlier

Inside the Bell Jar – 10th March 2013: Mark Cousins (Sight & Sound) article writes about personal film journeys

Time’s Up for the Fairy Tale Trend – 3rd March 2013: Mike Fleming Jr (Deadline) writes about a potential reboot of Robin Hood

Suspicious Star Wars News – 24th February 2013: Ain’t It Cool News writes about another development in the production of a Star Wars franchise

Culturally, Does Steven Soderbergh Matter Anymore? – 10th February 2013: Nick James (Sight & Sound) editorial about Steven Soderbergh’s comments regarding Film culture

TV Series: Don’t Watch It All At Once! – 3rd February 2013: Dawn C. Chmielewski on the changing of viewer-habits in the wake of Netflix’s House of Cards

Django Unsold – 27th January 2013: Kirsty Puchko writes for CinemaBlend.com about eBay’s decision to stop selling Django Unchained dolls…

HMV Sprees and Fopp Drops – 16th January 2013: On HMV going into administration…

Can Jurassic Park bite back? – 13th January 2013: Mark Hughes article on the director for Jurassic Park IV

Superman: The Quest for Intelligent Filmmaking – 6th January 2013: Paul Harris article on the popularity of Superman…

In Every Cloud There’s Always a Silver Linings Playbook – 30th December 2012: Matthew Quick, interview by Dorothy Pomerantz (Forbes), discusses unreal expectations…

The Way of the Gun – 23rd December 2012: NRA blame cinema for the violence in society …

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Backlash? – 16th December 2012: Scott Mendelson critisizes The Hobbit, like many critics …

Burning Down the Picturehouse – 9th December 2012: Moviescope article as Cineworld purchases the Picturehouse cinema chain …

Of All The Films, In All The World… – 2nd December 2012: The Guardian article on a possible Casablanca 2: As Time Goes By …

The Found Footage Project – 25th November 2012: Charlie Lyne (The Guardian) on End of Watch and ‘Found Footage’ films

Too Much for Tarantino? – 18th November 2012: Russ Fischer (/Film) comments on a Playboy interview with Quentin Tarantino

Vote for Films of the Future, Today! – 11th November 2012: Neal Gabler (LA Times) article talks about Star Wars and Disney deal …

Looking forward to Star Wars Episode XX – 4th November 2012: David Mitchell (The Guardian) writes about Star Wars …

Illegal downloads are downgrading cinema – 28th October 2012: Kieran Turner-Davies (The Independent) writes about file-sharing …

Megatron blasts Michael Bay – 21st October 2012: Ben Child (The Guardian) about Michael Bay ..

Could the Sky Fall at the 2013 Academy Awards? – 14th October 2012: News.Com.Au discusses the chance Skyfall has at the Oscars

Cinema forces me away to watch films On-Demand – 7th October 2012: Amy Kaufman and Ben Fritz (LA Times) about the unorthodox release of Bacholorette

Can Marc Webb’s Spider-Man ever be Amazing? – 30th September 2012: Scott Mendelson writes about Marc Webb returning for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Giving fans a Bad deal – 23rd September 2012: Randall Roberts of LA Times writes about the Michael Jackson Bad re-release…

Martha, Mary-Kate, Elizabeth and Gazza – 16th September 2012: John Patterson interview with Elizabeth Olsen and her approach to “fame” …

Venice Finished. Toronto in Mid-Swing. London Calling. – 9th September 2012: Glenn Whipp informs us about what to look out for at London Film Festival 2012

Dirty Harry and Dirty Politics – 2nd September 2012: Mary McNamara writes about a strange bit of support from Clint Eastwood…

The Next Dark Knight Film

The Sound of Silent R-Patz

Saw VIII: The Really, Really Final Chapter

No more Ghostbusting please!

Citizen Kane May Not Be The Best Film Ever

Soundtrack Review: Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lodger by Nitin Sawhney

The Fall of Pixar

The Con of Comic-Con

Gloomy Dark Knight and Shiny Avengers

Academy Awards Move in the Right Direction

The Bourne Legacy moves back

The Value of Game of Thrones

Justice League Doomed to Fail?

X-Men Assemble for Days of Future Past?

Guaranteeing a Sequel that Satisfies

Cuss Words at Cannes

Dan Harmon loses his Community

Swearing in a Rom-Com Ain’t The Problem

The Future of The Avengers…

Surprise! Samuel L. Jackson Supports Marvel

The Avengers vs Spider-Man vs Batman

Men in Black 4 in production… really?

Who Defines a Film? The Filmmaker or the IMDb?

Recall the Publicity! It’s Just Too Much!

The World Will Change Hollywood

Has Quentin Tarantino lost his Django?

The Future is Video Games – Not Films. Maybe

Going to the Movies to catch an Opera

Who Are the Oscar Voters?

Committing to a TV series

The Racism of Star Wars?

How to Double Your Box Office

Cinema: The Noble Art Form

Changing the expectations of cinema…

I Want To Report Kim Novak

The Future of Paranormal Activity

Who Scores on 007 Skyfall?

Cinema Deserves Better

This Is England ’88: This Is Forgiveness

The Artist – Art Will Find a Way

The Digital Cinema of the Future

My Fantasy Week with Marilyn

Log-jamming prestige pictures for Oscar season

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Getting Some Positive Press… Kind of – 19th November 2011

Prior to writing for Flickering Myth, I originally wrote editorials for my own site here. These are editorials that were not written for Flickering Myth but do provide the same type of writing that led to them:

Extremely Obvious and Incredibly Desperate – 6th February 2012

Ryan McNeil and a dicussion we had on Twitter … 

Who scores on 007 Skyfall? – 8th January 2012

Germain Lussier writes on Thomas Newman scoring Skyfall

Food and Films: Is this the Future? – 6th December 2011

Mark Lawson for The Guardian writes on eating during a screening…

Quantum of Problems – 11th December 2011

Garth Franklin writes on the Writers Strike for Dark Horizons…

Is there an Anti-Spielberg trend? – 1st November 2011

Phil Hoad on The Guardian adds to Spielberg backlash

To Editorial or to Advertorial – 2nd November 2011

Dave Chen (davechen.net) writes about advertorials

Too violent? Too late. – 3rd November 2011

Chris Tookey (Daily Mail) on violent films … 

Film-Critic VS Film-Blogger – 4th November 2011

Quentin Falk (Moviescope) interviewed leading Film reviewers…

Change of Plan for Tintin 2? – 5th November 2011

Tim Masters (BBC) writes about the sequel to The Adventures of Tintin

Beautiful Girls with Darker Shades of Grey – 7th November 2011

Michael Hann selected Beautiful Girls as his favourite film…

Not So Smug Ricky Gervais – 8th November 2011

Emma Brockes interview with Ricky Gervais whereby he apologised …

Brett Ratner is a Moron – 9th November 2011

Curtis M. Wong writes for The Huffington Post about Brett Ratner

Face-Dubbing is always worse than Voice-Dubbing – 15th November 2011

Xan Brooks writes for The Guardian about a dubbed star in Wuthering Heights

James Cameron asks ‘What’s wrong with Commerce?’ – 13th November 2011

James White writes for Empire blog about James Cameron…

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