Movie Mezzanine


Unfortunately, I only started writing for these fine folks recently after pitching a single article for ‘The Balcony’. Less than two months later, this section of the site has shut down leaving this article as my only contribution thus far…writing

Movie Mezzanine is a personal-favourite site though, helmed by Sam Fragoso (or, as some of us old-time bloggers recall, the Duke and the Movies blogger!) who is an extraordinary talent within the writing world. This lad has single-handedly put together a site that attracts some of the best writers from across the world including Fernando Croce, Ashley Clarke and Kenji Fujishima, with regular nods and mentions from big-hitters Indie-Wire and Of course, it’s clear Fragoso himself is amongst the best writers in the USA now, after contributing articles to Playboy and Vice only recently.

February 5th 2015: The Ones That Got Away: 10 Best Picture Nominees That Should Have Won

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