100W: Catch Me If You Can

As a writer, it is a regular expectation to keep to a strict word count. Every time you pick up a magazine, articles can be a small 100-word write-up or a 1000-word review. My own notes for the many films seen are always over 100 words – so this is a new feature that will focus on reviewing films in a concise 100 words.

Catch Me If You Can (Dir. Steven Spielberg/2002)

Leonardo DiCaprio is Frank Abagnale Jr. Influenced by his Father, his creedo is image and identity. He plays the part and uses his appearance as a way of life. Tom Hanks is Detective Hanratty – clumsy but unravelling Frank’s lies. Spielberg jumps between time to clarify what is true and false – and what is right and wrong. Frank lives an extraordinary life while Hanratty struggles. Like Up in the Air, Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can tackles themes of loneliness but primarily it’s about how your past always catches up with you – and what great fun that can be!

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