100W: Deliverance

As a writer, it is a regular expectation to keep to a strict word count. Every time you pick up a magazine, articles can be a small 100-word write-up or a 1000-word review. My own notes for the many films seen are always over 100 words – so this is a new feature that will focus on reviewing films in a concise 100 words.

Deliverance (Dir. John Boorman/1972)

Deliverance is known for the “duel of the banjos” when we see a man-child compete with Ronny Cox. But the “crazy hicks” look at the city-guys suspiciously too – and this tension is central. Lewis (Burt Reynolds) is arrogant; Ed (Jon Voight) is innocent; Bobby (Ned Beatty) is the victim. Canoeing downstream, they meet local men who rape and hold them at gunpoint. They survive, but scars run deeper than skin. An influence on Mean Creek amongst others, Deliverance continues past the holiday itself too – and shows that you can’t erase memories, despite how much you try and bury them.
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