Best Episode of The Simpsons? Season 3: Radio Bart

In an attempt to get completely up-to-date on one of my favourite TV-series The Simpsons, after I watch each season, I will choose my favourite episode…
I only rewatched this last night when my brother visited. This is an episode that I vividly recall watching multiple times – I’m sure that I recorded on VHS and it then became a regular viewingon a Saturday. This is why many people I’m sure will disagree with my choice for series 3.
The episode, again, broken into two acts. Act 1: Barts Birthday/Playing with Microphone leading Act 2:”Timmy” stuck down the well/Bart gets stuck down the well. I absolutely adore the lack-of-fun Bart has on his birthday and Homer’s pride in using the microphone. The ‘fun’ party with Wall-E the Weasel … and the Larry-the-Looter game. Brilliant sequences that again, are equally are funny, but additionally hark back to my own childhood birthday parties. The guest appearance, additionally, is Sting when they riff on the Live Aid gig for charity with the chart-topping hit – “We’re sending our love down the well!”.
Anyhoo – the best sequence (one of my favourite ever) is when Bart tricks Rod and Todd …
Bart: [Via microphone into radio] Rod, Todd, this is God!
Rod: How did you get on the radio?
Bart: What do you mean how did I get on the radio, I created the universe, stupid kid
Todd: Forgive my brother, we believe you!
Bart: Walk through the wall, I will remove it for you!                               
[Todd runs into the wall, bumping his head]
Bart: – later.. hahaha!
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