Curb Your Enthusiasm: Series 2 (Created by Larry David, 2001)


Lets keep this quick – first off, followin the first series this season contnues many themes from the first. Obviously the Larry-getting-shit-upon never changes but how this series is established is interesting. Episode 1, The Car Salesman, not only explores, with a little more depth, how lucky Larry David is (the ‘idea’ of being a car salesman would be ‘easy’) but also sets up a new home for Cheryl and Larry.

You also get more Seinfield references in cameos by Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus – as Larry attempts to pitch his ‘new show’ that sounds a little similar to Curb as it has that self-referential edge and too-close-real-life set-up.

The series does get better and this season additionally has the flawless poker game ending with the awkward use of the ‘c’ word.

The Controversial Position of “Others”

Lots of comments on the last post so, to single you out:

Fletch, I am glad I’m not the only one who is gutted they can’t ‘share’ the comedy. Every time it is on I get a groan from Sarah and whenever she can she will make some ‘this-is-not-as-good-as-twin-peaks’ (not only a completely ridiculous comparison, but merely a way to force us to watch Twin Peaks, which we are
watching at the moment.). Though, I think the comparison with Arrested Development is a good one. Though very different, the realism in Curb against the ridiculous characters in Arrested Development show a clear preference for comedy. Put it this way, I got to a point in the second series of Arrested Development whereby I got bored. Twice so, directed at…

Jo, I haven’t got bored of Curb at all … there are more episodes in Arrested, granted, but I think Curb may be more consistent – quality over quantity. Believe me, it does get better in the second series and according to Rhys, it gets better every season. Jo… you need to watch it more.

Richard, I do think you’re being obtuse. I just accept him for who he is – and it gets better in the second series too (more rounded, more funny mannerisms…). Seriously, when I first watched the first episode I had to grasp the structure and set-up I had to learn – but the ‘character’ of Larry David just is what he is – and, if we start comparing it to The Office – which you know I love – but Gervais, we have realised since then, is not a great actor. Compare Brent to Millman – this isn’t a bad thing… think about Woody Allen…

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