Elle Exxe at 229: The Venue – “Elle is a walking mannequin busting free from her plastic chains…”

She stormed on the stage knockin’ a mic stand as she arrived. Elle Exxe seemed angry, as she hit the spot and her set began. Dressed as the opposite to Amy Winehouses’ black soul diva, Elle Exxe is bright white with enormous bleach-blonde curls on top of her head. She bites.


A year on from an impressive performance at the 229 Venue, Elle Exxe returns after wowing the crowds with shows at Koko’s in Camden and releasing multiple singles to acclaim. This is an electro-take on the punk-demeanor of The Gossip. Fronting the cover of Disorder magazine, lead singer Elle is a walking mannequin busting free from her plastic chains. After her opening number, she begins to kick off with her outstanding night-out Lost in L.A.; it’s passionate and fun, with a playful finale hinting at the dawning realization that a wild night out follows by an awful hangover. Suddenly, the Monroe-on-acid drops and her anime smile emerges. She owns the stage, thrusting her head back and forth, her hair hiding her face as she switches between cute dancer to hard-nut rocker. Song after song, she connects with fellow band members and reaches out to the audience. Lie to Me has the crowd dancing while Home with You pulls you in and feels as if she’s intimately directing her attention to you. Elle Exxe dominates the audience before the night is out, we’re “la la la”-ing and stamping our feet on the floor.

Her petite figure, bolstered by big bold heels, give her a doll-like posture. You see her shake this doll and dance this doll, and as if its playtime, you’re hooked to play too. This band is absolutely worth hunting down – as Elle Exxe isn’t leaving anytime soon.

Originally written for Culturefly in February 2016

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