Alien – “Alien manages to get under your skin in a way few films can…”

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Alien (Dir. Ridley Scott/1979)

Often taught as an example of the genre mash-up of horror and science-fiction, Alien manages to get under your skin in a way few films can. The isolation and distant location of the Nostromo is part of the charm. We wake up with these low-paid truck-drivers who, due to a signal, are drawn into the sinister territory where the alien resides. The H.R. Giger planet contains erotica-fused biology to create the phallus-headed beast. Once the creature bursts free from the stomach, the white walls are only blank canvases for blood paintings. Murdered one-by-one, with a unique ambiguous rape-scene, Alien is the sinister underbelly of the happy-aliens seen in Star Wars. Ellen Ripley is the sole survivor and Ridley Scott is the genius that merged art and cinema together, to be appreciated forever after. In space, no one can hear you scream. In Sci-Fi, no-one can think of anything more horrific.

Rating: 5/5

Originally published in October 2014

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