The Wolverine – “Likeable and tailor-made for X-Men fans who want something a little different…”

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The Wolverine (Dir. James Mangold/2013)

The Wolverine, with flaws (and claws) does manage to separate itself from the usual X-Men fare, to create a James-Bond-type adventure for Logan. Travelling to Japan, and mourning the loss of Jean-Grey, he meets a man he saved from Nagasaki. Now an old man, technology-magnate Yashida, is on his death bed and desires Wolverine’s healing abilities. A film supported by young-mutants Yukio (who can see the future) and sultry Viper (more Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin), it is a new take on our clawed hero as, early on, his healing powers are weakened and we see him struggle from one fight to the next – something rare in every other adventure. Picture-postcard Japan, multiple women and an arrogant, robotic villain makes Wolverine more 007, but it works. Despite the weak snake-woman and a CGI-heavy climax, The Wolverine is likeable and tailor-made for X-Men fans who want something a little different.

Rating: 6/10

This was originally written in the run-up to X-Men: Days of Future Past in May 2014