150W: Captain Phillips

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Tom Hanks defies expectations and proves he is amongst the greatest actors in the world in Paul Greengrass’s Captain Phillips. Based on true events, Hanks leads the American cargo ships across the horn of African before it’s boarded by Somali pirates. Captain Phillips weaves tension and horror in this true-story – with an expert at the helm in Greengrass. Isolated on the vessel as authorities say “hold tight”, we are stranded with the crew. The vast open-ocean and cramp spaces of the engine room or lifeboat constantly play with our fears as guns jut into the screen uncomfortably. Losing a little pace halfway through, the high-calibre of acting remains impressive. Phillips thinks fast; his panic and fear palpable yet he never loses his head. There is no shine in this Tom Hanks film and by the final five minutes, when literally stripped down, he proves how powerful he can be.
Rating: 4/5


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