150W: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid To Ask)

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (But Were Afraid To Ask) (Dir. Woody Allen/1972)
Prior to filmmaking, Woody Allen was a comic-writer – making more money than both his parents combined at the age of 17 writing. EYAWTKAS*(*BWATA) (Wow…) is a great example of his darting mind and surrealist humour. Split into seven different stories, references range between Hamlet in the first sketch through to Antonioni and Fellini in later sequences. Women climaxing only in public, Men in love with sheep and sperm as men ready to jump to their doom in ejaculation, surely this can only be Woody Allen at his most playful – the latter scene amongst his very best as Woody’s nervous sperm worries: “What if he’s masturbating? I’m liable to end up on the ceiling.” The bite size chunks of comedy and frank discussion about sex make it a favourite. Though Gene Wilder stands out in his short, sheep scenes, it’s Woody’s film – and a joy to watch him in his prime.
Rating: 9/10

This Review is part of Woody Allen Wednesdays on Flickering Myth

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