Incredible Soundtrack #23: Drive (Martinez)

The music attached to a film creates the environment, I believe, moreso than the literal environment depicted through the visuals…

Though I have not written an analysis, I have stated my stance regarding Drive before. I don’t think the film is as good as people make out – it’s well made, granted, but it isn’t flawless. The soundtrack on the other hand is definitely one of the high points. The film would be ruined without it – seriously, without the soundtrack the film would never get such strong supporters.

Martinez’s soundtrack is electronic, evoking the cool of the eighties. I personally think that Drive owes it’s style to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City rather than any mark of genius accredited to Winding Refn – and a soundtrack identifying the same era clearly is a necessity if you are trying to place the film in the same type of world.

Interestingly, my choice of tracks are by artists other than Cliff Martinez … but they all feature on the soundtrack so are very much under Martinez’s juristiction

1. Nightcall by Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx – Apparently, Winding Refn chose this song himself  after looking through Johnny Jewel’s back-catalogue (Jewel was apparently a ‘mixer’ for the soundtrack)

2 – Under the Spell by Desire – Akin to Nightcall, this was another amazing track from Johnny Jewel.

5 – Tick of the Clock by The Chromatics – This song was used only recently in an advert for a camera. As soon as it played I knew it. I think Matrinez’s entire soundtrack owes something to this song. Moody, steady – very-much like a patient, skilled driver. Again, this is a track which Johnny Jewel is credited for.

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