Incredible Soundtrack #22: Kevin & Perry ‘Go Large’ (Fay/Pope)

The music attached to a film creates the environment, I believe, moreso than the literal environment on-screen …
Incredible? That might be a bit much, but I do know that at the time, this was a great soundtrack. Two-discs from the film, compiled by Judge Jules. I bought the CD when I was 17 and someone borrowed it, and it never returned … until I saw the CD for £1 in Worcester earlier this year. Listening to it again brought back many memories and I think anyone who was a teenager through the millennium will appreciate the classic tracks on the CD. Additionally, its not available on itunes, yet so you really do have to hunt this one down …
What is interesting about this soundtrack is how Harry Enfield tried to choose songs which were current and top of the dance charts at the time. A film that has evolved from a sketch on a TV-series – Harry Enfield and Chums – is a quick turn-over, so the production was fast enough to justify new songs which would remain popular when the film was released in the summer. I didn’t choose the obvious tracks from the film – ‘Big Girl’ is an awful song, and we all know it. Eyeball-Paul (Rhys Ifan) and his songs were good, but I selected songs which I personally still enjoy listening to and reek of that late 90’s, early 00’s, sun-soaked, young-and-desperate, fun-in-the-sun sound.

Disc 1: Track 10 – Ayla (DJ Taucher Mix) by Ayla – These are the only versions I could find on YouTube, so sometimes they are extended versions. This song specifically has a great steady build-up and seems to capture the feeling of simply looking-out and enjoying sunshine – before turning into a must-dance-to-this dance track.

Disc 1: Track 19. – Follow Me by Lange Feat.The Morrighan – The whole, female-vocalist-over-a-vibrating bass and twinkly-melody reminds me of either Toca’s Miracle or Sash!, both stand out in the late 90’s as they were simply played so much! 

Disc 2: Track 10. – Sunshine by Yomanda – This one takes at least a minute to start-up, but again, captures the feeling of Ibiza. Unlike the other two tracks, I think this track needs to stop after about a minute.

And hey, if you wanted to watch the entire film well it is actually on YouTube, free-of-charge, to watch right this moment. So all you Brit-Ibiza- Holiday folks can relive the year 2000 in all of it’s Harry-Enfield-and-Kathy-Burke glory!
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