Change of plan for Tintin 2?

Tim Masters writes for BBC News about a change of plan for the next Tintin film –

Horowitz said earlier this year he had penned a script based partly on Herge’s Tintin story Prisoners Of The Sun. 

“That was true a few months ago,” Horowitz told the BBC, “but I can tell you that I think the second film is not going to be Prisoners of the Sun”. 

“What it is going to be is still under discussion.”

He added: “I’ve had meetings with the directors and producers and we’ve talked about ideas and action sequences.

“At the moment I’m trying to put together a story that will please everybody. It’s a very difficult one to do.” 

Read the full article here.

I remember thinking it was strange to go from The Secret of the Unicorn to Prisoners of the Sun. Don’t get me, wrong – all great stories – but considering where the film finishes it feels like it would go much more smoothly moving into Red Rackham’s Treasure. Albeit, slightly adapted to suit the change in story. Horowitz does note that Prisoners of the Sun would inevitably be the third film if the second film is changed – therefore, utilising the Red Rackham ‘brand’ as it directly connects to The Secret of the Unicorn. I cannot imagine, after three films going back to the Red Rackham character…

Reality is, like the James Bond books, they have a wealth of material to work from and they can easily shuffle it around and keep everything still very much Herge-esque. If I was to pick where they go next – I would say the action from Prisoners of the Sun and The Seven Crystal Balls would be brilliant… and I think this piece from Empire is what confirmed why.

But, at any rate … I cannot wait for an adaptation of Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon

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