Top 5 Pixar Films

For my birthday last Thursday my fantastic girlfriend bought me Disney’s Fantasia. I had put off comitting to purchasing the Disney DVD’s/Blu-Rays for a long time. I had always planned on only buying them when I had my first child and, when the boy/girl was barely born, we would start to watch all the Disney ‘Classic’ Collection in chronological order. With this single present, it has started me off early and within days I have watched Fantasia, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Beauty and the Beast. I believe this has no replaced my James Bond marathon indefinately.

So, having noticed that Pixar are credited on Beauty and the Beast (responsible for the, now quite dated, 3D dance-hall Beauty and Beast dance within during the unforgettable song “Beauty and the Beast”…), what better time to reflect on my current favourite Pixar films (especially as their track-record seems to have been stalled by Cars 2 according to the US reviews)…

5. Ratatouille I have only watched this once and I think it is at ‘5’. I need to watch it again if I’m honest as, I’m sure you’ll see, I’ve cheated a little and films such as A Bugs Life, The Incredibles and Up shockingly don’t get a look in. Bottom-line is that the whole idea of criticism is something very close to my heart and this seems to tackle it in such a way that art – and what is art – is the core of the story. This, in itself is huge, expansive story-telling … but for kids.

4. CarsThis was the last Pixar film which I have watched and it has always come across as the lesser credible film in the Pixar canon. I have to tell ya’ – I completely disagree. This film, like the best of Pixar, focusses on a bigger topic: Capitalism and destruction of small-town America. The fact that we currently see how print-press may be having an exceptional hit in the recent news, again, shows how the bigger fish ultimately eat the small fish in the capitalist business structure. I am a little worried that Cars 2 will tarnish the reputation of this brilliant first outing.

3. Toy Story TrilogyI’m not going to split them up. They are all, very much, independent films but so many aspects cross-over. If I say how much I love the characters – thats in all three films. If I like the colours and the playful attitude, again, this is in all three. The only thing I could fundamentally separate the films by is the narratives in each film and they are so evenly match I think I can comfortably place them in a third-place tie.

2. Wall-EI only recently told a pupil that I believed this is my favourite

film and, akin to Cars it is because of the profound themes it explores. Add to this some incredible sequences – most of which do not even require dialogue – and you have an accessible, deeply moving, highly intelligent, artistically-experimental mainstream film. Can you get anything more awesome?

1. Finding Nemo – But, when I think of the story, I look at Nemo. A film with so much heart. Two-characters on the road to discovery and what, I believe, will
bring a tear to my eye when I have my own child. I think, visually, it takes you to a place which, on one level you know and feel like you are a part of, but you are shown the ocean in a way you have never seen. In the same way that I believe Jurassic Park is my favourite film, I understand that it is a personal preference – opting for The Godfather as my ‘professional’ favourite film. Finding Nemo is my personal favourite whilst, Wall-E would reside as my ‘professional favourite. But this is my blog… so personal wins out.
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  1. Great post. My top 5 would be something like that:

    1. Toy Story 1,2,3
    2. Wall-E
    3. Monsters Inc.
    4. Finding Nemo
    5. The Incredibles

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