Incredible Soundtrack #7: The Dark Knight (Zimmer/Newton Howard)

The music attached to a film creates the environment, I believe, moreso than the literal environment depicted through the visuals…

As previously mentioned, James Newton Howard is one of may favourite composers and Hans Zimmer would come pretty high up if I was to mount a list. So a combination of both Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard was going to inevitably perk my interest.

I think we can all agree that The Dark Knight and Batman Begins both have incredible soundtracks, but what is fascinating about The Dark Knight is the off-kilter, screwy ‘Joker’ element thrown in to the mix. The tracks I have chosen represent that additional element to some extent and show how it is possible that The Dark Knight soundtrack is superior in this single element. Having said that, I do not own the Batman Begins soundtrack so if you would counter-argue, please do so in the comments below.

Here we go – the chosen tracks …

2. I’m Not A Hero – I think the first time I heard this track, track two, I knew I had made a worthy purchase. It often happens that you choose a soundtrack and find the one track which is good whilst the rest are not as strong. Not with this album. This track alone begins with such a plucked-pace that you cannot help but feel undercover and as if you are some sort of secret agent.

8. Like A Dog Chasing Cars – My favourite track on the album. The throbbing pace and pulsating percussion shortly after 1.08, whilst the strings continue the pace as if to introduce the theme. Flawless.

14. A Dark Knight – A whopping 16.15 in length this is deepply brooding and unsettling. The, almost tragic ending of The Dark Knight is acted out upon this section of soundtrack. Batman has seen his love, Rachel, die. Two-face – The White Knight – has destroyed himself and Batman must turn himself from a hero into the enemy for the sake of Gotham. The romance, tragedy and fear and path that this leads to … is unknown. Until The Dark Knight Rises.

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