The X-Files Movie: Fight The Future (Rob Bowman, 1998)

“If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.”

So, I watched this a few months back prior to the more recent movie release. Sarah used to watch the TV series but stopped watching – as most in the UK did – after this movie release. My sisters were huge fans but I never was – I was quite young myself and it was always on that little bit too late. Nevertheless, only recently, Sarah got the Complete X-Files Collection and, following watching Season 7 of 24 we shall begin watching this series from the start. Something I had always wanted to do but never really had a chance and, as Sarah is more keen then i am, it gives me double the reason to start watching. Mad Men Series 3 won’t start in England for a while too so … we got plenty of time. Either way, I thought I’d use this opportunity to do a review The X Files Movie: Fight The Future as someone who doesn’t know the series at all.


It is an extension of the TV-series so I begin on the wrong foot. We start the film with a huge action sequence with the FBI agents Mulder and Scully not working on the X-Files – a part of the FBI that is OOA (Out Of Action) – but as a part of the bomb unit. The film still has its opening of cavemen finding aliens thousands and thousands of years ago giving the entire film an epic context that, I assume, is the opportunity that a feature film has over the smaller scale TV-series (even though, nowadays TV series can be a lot more expensive than many feature films!)

It shows some beautiful landscapes – namely snowscapes and crop fields that look like they continue on for an eternity. I wouldn’t know which artist they are referencing, but it sure looks like shots you could freeze and put on the wall. There are a few subtle references to other Sci-Fi films – namely Alien whereby humans are kept in pods.

Ultimately, without watching the TV series, there is very little to go on. We have recurring X-Files characters – the ‘cigarette man’ amongst others which means nothing to the uneducated and, definitively, very little is resolved. Everything is more of a set-up for the following series, I presume, rather than an opportunity to win over new fans. Even the ‘plant’, though destroyed is simply remade again.

We have an interesting dynamic between Mulder andScully brought to forefront as the start sequence on the bomb-squad goes wrong, the pair are forced to take the blame over the problem. But the two were always seen as outsiders if I recall – they looked into supernatural events, a subject that most people don’t even believe! So the fact that we see this potential struggle for the two characters is actually quite weak because, I’d like fans of the show to help me with this, I am sure they have come up against bigger problems.

Now, as I recall, the sexual chemistry between the two is something that is always hinted at and, again, a love-angle to this film is unresolved as the pair nearly kiss but are inadvertently interrupted by a wasp and are therefore forced to follow that problem.

As you can see I am rushing. I am excited to watch the TV-series but I watched this film shortly after its release and then watched it again in the last year and this film didn’t sell me on the series. Considering this film came only two years after Independence Day you wish they looked at that for a bit of inspiration – I don’t want the huge destruction of the blockbuster but at least some of the ideas could have been used – the government, aliens on the planet, etc. In fact, if this was a smaller-scale Independence Day with Mulder and Scully in the foreground it would have been alot more worthwhile as a stand alone movie. Fact is, 24:Redemption was not in the cinemas (in UK anyway) because it was primarily a set-up for Series 7 … this should have been the same. Only-on-TV so only the TV-series fans watch it or bigger and better if it was in the cinema so all of us non-regular viewers can enjoy a good Sci-Fi adventure.

So, in reference to the chosen quote. In this case, I know this is a bridge between series 5 and 6 of the TV series and I had ‘foreseen’ such a predicament. I only have myself to blame.


Very soon after this post was whacked online, I got an email from a media company about a competition with Volkswagen whereby there is a prize to do with X-Files. Seems pretty good to me if this is your bag …

“To mark the X-Files being voted into the Timeless 50, this Thursday fans can win – a two-night stay in the village of Avebury, Wiltshire, with its world-famous prehistoric stone circle dating back 5,000 years. Prize includes entrance for two people into the Alexander Keiller Museum, and lunch at The Circle Restaurant. You will also receive The X Files – The Complete Collector’s Edition – 61 Disc Box Set.

Details are on the link below.

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