Ranking Pixar Pt 2: from Student Monsters to Cowgirl Dolly’s

Set The Tape

With the upcoming release of The Incredibles 2 (2018) and Toy Story 4 (2019), it’s nice to know that Pixar often develop stories particularly well when moving into sequels (though not always: see Cars 2 and Cars 3). In that regard, it is heartening to know that so many sequels are in the next two posts, placing them high on the list. But we are toying with fan favourites here.

The confidence and skill of Pixar means that the vast majority of movies remain recommendations – and the minor quibbles that separate the films on the following two posts are mere niggles that nudge one past another. The Incredibles and Toy Story are considered among the finest, but alas, they sit on the middle tier of this particular list.

12) Monsters University

The strange thing about Monsters University is the final twist. The plot champions how Mikey and…

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