Ranking Pixar Pt 1: From Spy Cars to Up, up, up!

Set The Tape

With the release of Coco later this month in the UK, and garnering rave reviews (including 5*’s from Helen O’Hara in Empire Magazine and top marks from Matt Zoller Seitz on Rogerebert.com), it seems as if Pixar are unstoppable. The music in particular, is praised, with award wins and nominations already firmly in place during awards season.

Akin to Studio Ghibli, Pixar have consistently merged quality animation with profound stories. But they have dropped the Luxo ball a few times and, while the line between good and bad is perhaps only limited to the bottom few, the middling movies in this ranking are often considered weak by many fans of the studio. There’s also the awkward judgement of technology of 1995 versus animation in 2017; ground-breaking innovation against hyper-real detail, revealing the very best in computer-generated imagery.

It is, of course, all subjective and it should go without…

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