Ranking Studio Ghibli Pt 4: From Yesterday and to Howl’s Castle

Set The Tape

In the 32 years since Studio Ghibli was formed, the output has been nothing short of exemplary. When ranking the Japanese canon, the point that flips from “recommendation” to “bad film” is very low indeed. The vast majority are superior to the many functional animated films that are churned out of Hollywood each year. Only the one at the bottom of the list is, possibly, the only flawed film. As the rogue outsider, it then becomes a curiosity; the misshapen fruit that cannot help but beg for a taste. Everything else delivers on the promise of quality, the top half becoming thorough recommendations that prove how expert designs, vivid characters and layered stories are the holy trinity of vibrant, animated movies.

Inevitably, there will be – and have been – disagreements. My Neighbour Totoro is suspiciously low on the list, while The Tale of Princess Kaguya may appear a little…

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