Ranking Studio Ghibli Pt 3: From Rising Winds to the Secrets of Arrietty

Set The Tape

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This is where those at the back need to listen carefully. The following 11 films (six today, five next week) are required viewing. Within this selection alone, there are detailed, informative and historical stories such as The Wind Rises and fantastical, thrilling epics like Princess Mononoke. Not to mention the abstract narrative of The Red Turtle. These films wrestle with a five-star or four-star rating, switching from one to the other depending on the insignificant changes that have affected your fluctuating moods.

From such a high calibre of animated features, Studio Ghibli presents a diverse set of stories that can sometimes be deeply poignant and yet playful and profound. There’s also the timeless quality of the films. To watch Disney’s Oliver and Company, from 1988, is to go back in time and witness the shoddy animation of the era – even The Little Mermaid

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