Ranking Studio Ghibli Pt 2: From the Cat Returning to Poppy Hill…

My second Ghibli ranking – two more to go!

Set The Tape

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Despite harbouring the lower half of the ranked positions, this next selection are all hearty recommendations. The inclusion of Ghibli’s mascot movie, My Neighbour Totoro, is by no means an insult – but rather an endorsement of the majority of the studio’s offerings. Those readers who scan the ranking and type furiously in the comments about the shocking position of their favourite film must remember how many of Studio Ghibli’s output are superior to the vast quantity of animated junk spewed out of the Hollywood machine. Nevertheless, the reasons that separate these from the higher half are small niggles that refuse to budge when sat comfortably and analysing the collection.

They all include moments and sequences that are mesmerising, which whisk you away to another world. The sixties setting of From Up On Poppy Hill; the mad cat bus in My Neighbour Totoro; the…

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